Solarium/Great Rom

Dining Room

Colorado vNet (now 3vNet) Touch Screen - whole house streaming IP based music, and control.

Decorative wall panel.

Great Room Touch Screen

Kitchen - Doors to Walk-in Pantry

Dining Room

Automated Projector / with Lift

and accent panel to provide aesthetic covering when not in use.

Exercise Room Rack of Equipment

... before doors were added, per Intesh recommendation. These components provide signals to Exercise and Fireplace Rm

Meticulous wiring, and zoned lables.

Low Voltage Panel

with lighting control modules surrounding.

Inside of Low Voltage Panel (top down):

DirecTV distribution switch, DSL Filter, phone patch panels, ethernet/LAN patch panels, lighting automation.

Satellite Switch

Break-out Modules:

DSL Filter, Telco Patch Panels

Exercise Room TV

Basement Controls

Staircase has PIR motion detector which triggers stair coach lights.

Fireplace Room TV

all equipment operating remotely, using RF Wireless Remote.

Lighting Controls

Personalized and customized buttons and labels.

Home Theater Rack

Home Theater Projector


2.35:1 cinema-wide screen

Utilizes DVDO Scaler to auto-fit 16:9 sources onto screen, for DirecTV viewing. Then, everything is auto-fit for movie DVD's!

Home Theater Rack built into decor.

Retracting Picture TV Frame


Computer Niche with automated lighting.

Study's Entertainment Equipment.

Homeowner requested that cables to TV not be routed inside of wall. As, they had originally planned to only place TV on movable/rolling cart. After building home, they did not want to cut wood.

Great Room Shades

Automatically open in the morning to allow view of morning skies, auto-close at noon to block sun from fading furniture apolstery, and re-open at dusk for grand view of sunsets, then close after dinner for privacy as country road goes along property.

Retracting Picture, TV Frame

Picture paritial retracted, here, automatically, as Surround Sound A/V Receiver was activated.

Game Room TV

Equipment configured to occupy Amoire, per client desires. All cables hidden!

Digital Home Project Planning


Child's Bedroom

Whole House Audio System included here, with speakers and inwall Nuvo touch panel.

Master Bedroom

Whole House Audio, Lighting Controls Touch Screen (HAI Omnipro), Security Touch Panel, and more.

Digital Home Planning

Location on corporate campus.

Digital Home Planning

Contemplating other venues for digital home.

Digital Home Planning

Early renderings - basement.

Digital Home Planning

3D view - early renderings

Digital Home Planning

Early renderings, to meet with CEO's desires.


Invisible Spearkers in ceiling, whole house audio system touch panel on wall, etc.

Basement Rec Room/Media Room

70" Rear Projection TV, augmented with retracting movie projector, for movie viewing. All controlled by touch screen on wall, and wireless remotes.


Lights all independently controlled.

Master Bedroom

Invisible speakers, whole house streaming audio touch screen, DirecTV/CableTV drops, LAN, etc.

Digital Home Planning

Project Goals


Dining Room

Whole house audio, with full control Nuvo Technologies touchpad.

Digital Home Planning

Collage of views.

Digital Home Planning

Basement Rec Room

70" Rear Projection TV, Screen and Projector for movie experiences.

Project Wiring Diagrams


Whole house audio, touchpad control, full AMX Touchscreen.

Digital Home Planning

Kitchen Renderings

Digital Home Planning

Living Room renderings

Digital Home Planning

Master Bedroom renderings.

Digital Home Planning

Early bedroom renderings.

Corporate Digital Home Planning

Product Managers, Product Development Engineers, etc., would be able to monitor use of products by focus group test subjects in the home upstairs. Early renderings.

Colorado vNet (3vNet) Touch Screen


Basement Decor

Client highlights: whole house audio for entertaining in basement.


Whole House Audio

Dining Room

Whole House Audio.

Home Theater Rack

Home Theater Rack during wiring. Note cables already beginning to be organized into structured wiring plan.

122 inch Home Theater Screen

Screen is audio permeable. Front Left, Center Voice Channel, and Front Right THX-certified Sonance speakersas are all placed directly behind the screen, and at perfect directionalization height for the seating in the room!

Home Theater Rack

Entire assembly is on roll-out rail-system allowing easy access; because, a custom cabinet is to be built around this rack by the trim carpenter, as he finishes the basement. This rack is completely automated by remote control, turning on components and selecting sources dependent upon viewing/listening activity desire by homeowner!

Home Theater Remote

One of several brands of remote control utilized in our clients' residences! We use: Universal Electronics MRC, Logitech, AMX, and other.

Colorado vNet (now 3vNet) Touch Screen

Displays and controls audio and video server, shows remote IP Surveillance Cameras (both within the residence, and sources from this client's remote business properties across town in Chicago). Touch screens can also include lighting, security, temperature, and other controls.

Family Room

65" TV, with Center Voice Channel speaker in wall, and ceiling speaker located surround channels. All components are below in the basement with wireless handheld "remote" that sends commands remotely. TV also displays homes surveillance cameras/DVR.

Home Theater Crown Molding

Accents rope light installed in Crown Molding, and is controlled automatically by the custom Remote. Lights automatically turn on/off when movie scenes are chose, such as: Watch Movie, Watch TV, Play, Stop, Pause, etc.

AMX Whole House Controller


In Wall iPod Dock

Dock is wired from 2nd floor to basement control room, and into Nuvo Technologies whole house audio system. iPod is remotely controllable from any room with Nuvo Touchscreen. Likewise, AMX control system can control Nuvo, and thus send commands to iPod as well.

HAI OmniPro Touch Screen

Mostly used for Security. Can display surveillance cameras, turn lights on/off, etc.

Front Porch Speakers

Front porch swings need great audio, for those times the family is engjoying a good swing!


Cameras appear on TV's throughout the home, as well as are converted to IP Streams by Axis Webcam Server for viewing on AMX Touchscreen, and on any computer/iPad/other in the home!

AMX Touchscreen

Various menu items.

AMX Touchscreen

Outdoor camera capabilities.

AMX Touchscreens

Patio/Pool Pavilion Rack

Client desired rack configuration in existing brick cabinet. All components are remotely controlled by wireless custom remote.

Outdoor Lighting

I work with the architect, general contractor, and electrician to configure outdoor lighting for automated control.

Hearth Room Retracting TV "Framing"

Early framing shot of exterior metal box which houses the 42 inch TV, and retracing picture frame. Control of picture retraction is completely automated, when hidden rack of surround sound and tuning equipment is turned on with wireless custom remote!

Digital Home Planning

3D Rendering of future outside view.

Digital Home Planning

Conceptualization view, to see what a standard residence would look like on the corporate campus.

Digital Home Planning

Another conceptualization view, using an alternate style of residence.

Fully Automated Residence

See other pictures in this photo gallery for technologies installed.

Fox Valley Gallery of Homes Winner

Residences Intesh has contracted consistently in, have been gallery of homes winners!

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Internet

Early "Motorola Canopy" internet access install inside the large attic of a Gallery of Homes showplace, in order to not distract from exterior aesthetics.

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