Rob Cartwright
Intesh Owner

 Resume:  robert-cartwright-2pg.pdf


Below is a bullet-item recap of what I've been up to. Stuff you know you'd love to know about me; since, I'm gonna be:

  • helping your business
  • designing a solution for you
  • making your custom/digital home breath new life
  • installing digital solutions at your business
  • and/or more!


  • BSEET (Bachelor Science, Electrical Engineering Technology) - Purdue University
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) - Keller Graduate School, DeVry University


    • management, executive director, board member
    • product lifecycle management
    • strategic product/service research/launch
    • technology and service research
    • staffed Indianapolis Power & Light home show booth as spokesperson
    • staffed the IPL/Hometronics "Bright Home"
    • helped manage "The Home Team Project"
    • written articles for Electronic House Magazine
    • hosted multiple prime-broadcast radio shows
    • developed "Fixed Wireless Access Provider" business plan
    • developed "Technology Apprenticeship" course outline for university client receiving Government Subsidized Funding to go implement
    • managed myriad of technology products and services in various industries: residential connect, customer provisioning, and more
    • provided competitive technology analysis for myriad of products, specific technologies, specific chipset solutions, etc.
    • managed retail customer accounts, during national new product testing, in strategic development group
    • managed call center requirements and customer satisfaction for data services launch in cellular-data market
    • managed industry technology standards committees, for national home automation standard development
    • developed:  Marketing Requirements Documents (MRD's), Product Requirements Documents (PRD's)
    • 20+ year experience in technology solutions industry, with focus on meeting customer needs, and providing user friendly solutions managed 3Com Digital Home project, to analyze "intuitive customer experience" with corporate product solutions, and services
    • done myriad of strategic analyses on forthcoming technologies, market trends, etc.
    • managed wireless carrier relationships with cellular/wireless handset manufacturers
    • designed cellular handset GUI (graphical user interface) standards, API (application programming interface) requirements, etc.
    • automated multiple radio station studios: CD-Player auto-start, cart machine end-of-cart detection and next cart triggering, console to equipment automation, tower loop detectors, telepatch equipment, reel-to-reel start/end-detect automation
    • solved company time-sheet submission problem with technology solution
    • remote regional tech support, covering (5) states, for staff of field reps
    • system and technical solutions troubleshooter, in various industries: residential, commercial, services, and support industries, and more
    • developed Terminal Requirements Documents (TRD's), and wrote draft Functional Specs which were fleshed out by corporate engineering thereafter
    • became adept at handful of technical standards and API references, in order to manage product roll-out: CEBus Standard, Insteon Standard, Z-Wave, BREW, CDMA, SMS, MMS, DMX, IP, other networking protocols
    • chaired internal committee to define corporate-wide home networking product solutions
    • tradeshow exhibit-technology design - sequencing light bulb display, for Indianapolis Power & Light using embedded programmable controller
    • low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, Solar Panel Test Rig design/development, hardware and software design, using Atmel MEGA32u4 microprocessor.
    • digital signage display designs, hardware and software design
    • LEO satellite design, building, testing, through launch
    • automation designer, and systems integration specialist, for $1.8M "gallery of homes" residence
    • systems integration designer/builder - various $1M+ Chicago and Indianapolis residences
    • university instructor, C Language programming and embedded microprocessors
    • designed greenhouse heating and cooling control system, using Intel 8051 microprocessor


  • Connections Residential Gateway Conference, San Francisco
  • Winter Consumer Electronics Shows, Las Vegas
  • Summer Consumer Electronics Shows, Chicago
  • Parks Associates Forums, San Diego
  • CEBus Industry Council, CEBus Booth Tradeshow Manager
  • Habitech Exhibitions, CEBus Booth manager, Atlanta/Dallas/other
  • CEDIA Exhibitions (CEDIA = Custom Electronics Designers Installers Association), Denver/Indy
  • Indianapolis Home Show, Indianapolis Power & Light Spokesperson, Indianapolis IN
  • "Bright Home" Spokesperson and Systems Technician, Indianapolis Power & Light, CEBus Standard Showcase Home, HomeTeam Project, CEBus Industry Council, Hometronics, Inc., Indianapolis
  • Corporate liaison to Microsoft Home, Redmond
  • Corporate liaison to GTE (now Verizon)/Sun Microsystems/Cisco "Connected Family" Lab, Irving Texas
  • multiple corporate visits to MIT Media Lab exhibitions, Cambridge
  • Home Plug n Play Conference, Minneapolis
  • Lectures:  IEEE, Indianapolis; Purdue School of Engineering, W. Lafayette IN, Ball State University School of Architecture, Muncie IN
  • Vendor interfacing for competitive analysis with residential and commercial router/gateway companies, Silicon Valley
  • TCP/IP Course, Los Angeles
  • Lecturer:  Purdue University, School of Engineering
  • Lecturer:  Ball State University, School of Architecture


(past and present):

  • CYT Chicago (theater group) - Audio Tech
  • CYT Indy (theater group) - Executive Director, Board Member, Vocal Teacher, Audio Tech, Videographer, Set Builder
  • Elgin RC Flyers - Member/Pilot
  • Fairway House - Alumni Web Developer
  • Lundahl Middle School - Video Studio Designer / Installer
  • Model Aeronautics Association - Member / Pilot
  • Mount Pleasant Christian Church - Member, Choir, Vocalist, Orchestra
  • Muncie Delaware Robotics - Board Member
  • Phyxtgears Robotics Team 1720 - Mentor:  Programming, Electrical, Video, Animation
  • Purdue Alumni Association - Member
  • Purdue Railroad Club - Member
  • Purdue Summer Jazz Band - Trombone
  • Purdue U-Sing - Fraternity Choral Member / Choral Director
  • Skokie Valley Baptist Church - Vocalist, Network Administrator
  • Willow Creek Community Church - Member, Small Group Leader, Video Director, Video Editor, Audio Tech, Video/Audio Systems Maintenance, Vocalist
  • WCFY Radio - Air Talent, Station Engineering
  • WXIR Radio - Air Talent, Station Engineering
  • Union Chapel Ministries - Member, Video Director, Stage Designer, Lighting Designer, Audio Tech, Systems Designer/Installer

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